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Countdown to the FIFA World Cup Final

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BUSR offers World Cup betting odds ahead of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup opening on November 20.


Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup 2026


Brazil is +390 betting favorite in Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup, followed by France (+580)  Argentina (+630), England (+680), and Spain (+780) to complete the top five positions on the lines shown by BUSR at the Sportsbook


🏆 BUSR current odds to win the FIFA World Cup 🏆

2022 FIFA World Cup Odds
Team Fractional American
Brazil 4/1 +400
Argentina 27/5 +540
France 6/1 +600
England 79/10 +790
Spain 42/5 +840
Germany 99/10 +990
Netherlands 12/1 +1200
Portugal 55/4 +1375
Belgium 63/4 +1575
Denmark 28/1 +2800
Uruguay 49/1 +4900
Croatia 49/1 +4900
Serbia 80/1 +8000
Switzerland 100/1 +10000
Senegal 120/1 +12000
Poland 150/1 +15000
Mexico 150/1 +15000
USA 150/1 +15000
Wales 200/1 +20000
Ecuador 200/1 +20000
Canada 200/1 +20000
Morocco 200/1 +20000
Cameroon 240/1 +24000
Republic of Korea 240/1 +24000
Japan 240/1 +24000
Qatar 260/1 +26000
Ghana 240/1 +24000
Australia 260/1 +26000
Tunisia 500/1 +50000
Iran 500/1 +50000
Costa Rica 750/1 +75000
Saudi Arabia 750/1 +75000

FIFA World Cup 2022 Banner - View Odds - BUSR


FIFA World Cup Longshots and Value Picks

Let’s take a look at the latest World Cup odds for all 32 teams in this year’s tournament.

Although they have only advanced to the quarterfinals once since finishing third in the inaugural World Cup in 1930, the United States is a long shot at 120-1 in the 2026 World Cup odds at BUSR.

This year is the only one where a team that isn’t among the strong favorites has a chance to win the World Cup. Fans must keep in mind that elite teams (as described above) will be missing many important players during the FIFA World Cup due to the shortened timetable for club teams.

Does that open up opportunities for a club with fewer members playing for elite teams than nations like England and France?

Netherlands (+1175 at BUSR)

The Netherlands is one World Cup underdog that advanced measures like Club Elo prefer over oddsmakers. The Dutch had the seventh-best World Cup futures odds despite being the No. 8th team in the world according to FIFA World Ranking.

Their performance in the Nations League this summer and fall, when they gained five of six games, is one explanation. This featured victories over Belgium on June 3 (4-1) and September 25 (1-0). The Netherlands outscored its six opponents in the Nations League 14-6 overall. There are undoubtedly less well-known players on Louis van Gaaal’s team than on England, Brazil, or France. 

However, it still has talented players, like Liverpool center back Virgil van Dijk. Denzel Dumfries (26) of Inter Milan and/or Wout Weghorst (30), a loanee from Besiktas, are two underappreciated players with excellent chances to shine on the largest stage in the world.

Portugal (+1550 at BUSR)

Not only is Cristiano Ronaldo involved. Ruben Dias on the defense line, Bruno Fernandes, and Bernardo Silva further up the pitch are just a few of the other players that the Euro 2016 champions have.

Croatia (+4800 at BUSR)
Luka Modric, a tireless and ageless midfielder for Real Madrid, is where it all begins. Modric is not the only member of this squad from the 2018 World Cup Final team who is back, but they are all huge long shots. The issue is whether a roster with several important players over 30 has the athleticism to compete.

2026  FIFA World Cup Predictions: Odds to Advance

Here are some group stage predictions and picks for the 2026 World Cup that you should lock in before the game starts.

To win Group A: Netherlands  (-239) The Netherlands is almost certain to win the group for all the reasons listed above, in addition to the fact that Senegal, Ecuador, and Qatar make up the remainder of the field.

To win Group D: Denmark (+285 ) The Denmark team, which stunned everyone by making it to the semifinals of Euro 2020 last summer, is the underdog worth backing to win their group given all the instability on the French roster.

To win Group E: Germany (+108) The oddsmakers consider Germany and Spain as very evenly placed to win Group E, with Spain the slight favorite at -119. Given all the uncertainties surrounding the Spanish team, the Germans may be a reasonable bet to bounce back from their dismal performance in Russia and perform well in group play.


Qatar WC 2022 groups - BUSR

Fifa World Cup 2026 Schedule

⚽ Group A  ⚽

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Sun, Nov. 20 Qatar vs. Ecuador 11 a.m. Al Bayt
Mon, Nov. 21 Senegal vs. Netherlands 11 a.m. Al Thumama
Fri, Nov. 25 Qatar vs. Senegal 8 a.m. Al Thumama
Fri, Nov. 25 Netherlands vs. Ecuador 11 a.m. Khalifa Int’l
Tues, Nov. 29 Netherlands vs. Qatar 10 a.m. Al Bayt
Tues, Nov. 29 Ecuador vs. Senegal 10 a.m. Khalifa Int’l

⚽ Group B  ⚽

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Mon, Nov. 21 England vs. Iran 8 a.m. Khalifa Int’l
Mon, Nov. 21 USA vs. Wales 2 p.m. Ahmad Bin Ali
Fri, Nov. 25 Wales vs. Iran 5 a.m. Ahmad Bin Ali
Fri, Nov. 25 England vs. USA 2 p.m. Al Bayt
Tues, Nov. 29 Wales vs. England 2 p.m. Ahmad Bin Ali
Tues, Nov. 29 Iran vs. USA 2 p.m. Al Thumama

⚽ Group C  ⚽

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Tues, Nov. 22 Argentina vs. S. Arabia 5 a.m. Lusail
Tues, Nov. 22 Mexico vs. Poland 11 a.m. Stadium 974
Sat, Nov. 26 Poland vs. S. Arabia 8 a.m. Education City
Sat, Nov. 26 Argentina vs. Mexico 2 p.m. Lusail
Wed, Nov. 30 Poland vs. Argentina 2 p.m. Stadium 974
Wed, Nov. 30 S. Arabia vs. Mexico 2 p.m. Lusail

⚽ Group D  ⚽

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Tue, Nov. 22 Denmark vs. Tunisia 8 a.m. Education City
Tue, Nov. 22 France vs. Australia 2 p.m. Al Janoub
Sat, Nov. 26 Tunisia vs. Australia 5 a.m. Al Janoub
Sat, Nov. 26 France vs. Denmark 11 a.m. Stadium 974
Wed, Nov. 30 Tunisia vs. France 10 a.m. Education City
Wed, Nov. 30 Australia vs. Denmark 10 a.m. Al Janoub

⚽ Group E  ⚽

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Wed, Nov. 23 Germany vs. Japan 8 a.m. Khalifa Int’l
Wed, Nov. 23 Spain vs. Costa Rica 11 a.m. Al Thumama
Sun, Nov. 27 Japan vs. Costa Rica 5 a.m. Ahmad Bin Ali
Sun, Nov. 27 Spain vs. Germany 2 p.m. Al Bayt
Thurs, Dec. 1 Japan vs. Spain 2 p.m. Khalifa Int’l
Thurs, Dec. 1 Costa Rica vs. Germany 2 p.m. Al Bayt

⚽ Group F  ⚽

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Wed, Nov. 23 Morocco vs. Croatia 5 a.m. Al Bayt
Wed, Nov. 23 Belgium vs. Canada 2 p.m. Ahmad Bin Ali
Sun, Nov. 27 Belgium vs. Morocco 8 a.m. Al Thumama
Sun, Nov. 27 Croatia vs. Canada 11 a.m. Khalifa Int’l
Thurs, Dec. 1 Croatia vs. Belgium 10 a.m. Ahmad Bin Ali
Thurs, Dec. 1 Canada vs. Morocco 10 a.m. Al Thumama

⚽ Group G  ⚽

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Thurs, Nov. 24 Switzerland vs. Cameroon 5 a.m. Al Janoub
Thurs, Nov. 24 Brazil vs. Serbia 2 p.m. Lusail
Mon, Nov. 28 Cameroon vs. Serbia 5 a.m. Al Janoub
Mon, Nov. 28 Brazil vs. Switzerland 11 a.m. Stadium 974
Fri, Dec. 2 Cameroon vs. Brazil 2 p.m. Lusail
Fri, Dec. 2 Serbia vs. Switzerland 2 p.m. Stadium 974

⚽ Group H ⚽

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Thurs, Nov. 24 Uruguay vs. South Korea 8 a.m. Education City
Thurs, Nov. 24 Portugal vs. Ghana 11 a.m. Stadium 974
Mon, Nov. 28 South Korea vs. Ghana 8 a.m. Education City
Mon, Nov. 28 Portugal vs. Uruguay 2 p.m. Lusail
Fri, Dec. 2 South Korea vs. Portugal 10 a.m. Education City
Fri, Dec. 2 Ghana vs. Uruguay 10 a.m. Al Janoub

⚽ Quarterfinals ⚽

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Fri, Dec. 9 QF1: 1E/2F vs. 1G/2H 10 a.m. Education City
Fri, Dec. 9 QF2: 1A/2B vs. 1C/2D 2 p.m. Lusail
Sat, Dec. 10 QF3: 1F/2E vs. 1H/2G 10 a.m. Al Thumama
Sat, Dec. 10 QF4: 1B/2A vs. 1D/2C 2 p.m. Al Bayt

Semifinals ⚽

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Tues, Dec. 13 QF2 vs. QF1 2 p.m. Lusail
Wed, Dec. 14 QF4 vs. QF3 2 p.m. Al Bayt

⚽ World Cup 3rd Place ⚽

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Sat, Dec. 17 Semifinal losers 10 a.m. Khalifa Int’l

🏆 World Cup Final 🏆

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Sun, Dec. 18 Semifinal winners 10 a.m. Lusail

How can I bet on the FIFA World Cup 2026?


There are other fun ways to bet on the World Cup in addition to spread, moneyline, total, and futures wagers.

Parlay bets
Multiple bets (or legs) are included in a parlay, which can multiply your gains. With each additional leg you stake on a parlay, the odds get better. A successful three-team parlay pays out $600 for a $100 wager, and a successful four-team parlay pays out $1,100.

Bet on Props
When it comes to World Cup betting, there are also many prop bets available. For instance, there are specific prop bets on players to score a goal.
At the conclusion of the World Cup, you can wager on who will receive the Golden Ball (MVP) and Golden Boot (Leading Scorer).

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